Music Matters and TRICK 3D Studio partners to create a virtual reality stage for film production
Virtual reality stage

Music Matters and TRICK 3D Studio partners to create a virtual reality stage for film production

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A new VR set in Peachtree Corners can transport people to any place of their choice.

The stage is a partnership between Music Matters Productions, an event company and TRICK 3D Studio, an immersive media studio. The collaboration intends to provide another resource in Atlanta to seize the booming film and entertainment activities in the state.

According to a Deloitte analysis, Hollywood’s interest in virtual production is growing because of new innovative technologies and competition among film studios and streaming platforms because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Filming on VR stages is part of this change.

Music Matters Productions and TRICK 3D started the stage in April 2021 to provide more choices for production companies. The VR stage was set as a new project to seize the trend of virtual filming.

“The idea of being able to shoot in a virtual production studio was already happening, but the interest has definitely skyrocketed during the pandemic.” – Chad Eikhoff, Director, TRICK 3D. 

The Music Matters Productions Stage has LED walls to create 360-degree virtual backgrounds. The LED walls can be customized based on the production needs. 

The Mandalorian used a similar type of filming, which was one of the first innovative uses of VR stages.  

“The large TVs behind you connect to the cameras, so everything looks very real. Not even just the quality, but the way all the objects move in the scene.” – Chad Eikhoff, Director, TRICK 3D.

The stage combines TRICK 3D’s VR and 3D animation and expertise with Music Matters Productions’ event product offerings. 

“Georgia has such a great background for music and TV, so the stage is a good way to combine all of those.” – Eikhoff.

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