Dreamscape Immersive Partners with Zoe Immersive to Simplify Creation of VR Experiences
Zoe Immersive 3D creation platform

Dreamscape Immersive Partners with Zoe Immersive to Simplify Creation of VR Experiences

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The world’s leading location-based virtual reality company, Dreamscape Immersive, is licensing the technology behind the Zoe Immersive 3D creation platform. The easy-to-use, cross-platform no-code 3D creation tool enables anyone to create interactive, immersive experiences irrespective of their skill proficiency.

Dreamscape plans to build cutting-edge collaborative VR experiences using the tech. Some applications might include virtual classrooms, immersive training exercises, and remote conferencing capabilities. Through the collaboration, all Dreamscape users, including educators, students, and executives, will create multi-user interactive experiences within its VR platform.

“We see the future of education, work, and play as virtual activities, where shared social spaces serve as the backbone for learning, exploration, and problem-solving. Our vision is critical in making such spaces accessible and adaptable to all,” said Walter Parkes, Co-founder, and CEO of Dreamscape.

“Zoe Immersive’s toolset is a great democratizer of this process. By simplifying VR creation and putting these powerful tools into the hands of many, our companies hope to further expand the availability of the unique immersive VR experiences which can be built on the Dreamscape platform,” he added.

Furthermore, the partnership will help Dreamscape further expand Dreamscape Learn, a joint venture between Dreamscape and Arizona State University. The program aims to transform education through immersive learning experiences. The partnership will enormously benefit this cause through Zoe’s technology by helping educators create high-quality virtual classrooms without any coding experience.

Dreamscape also plans to use Zoe’s technology to create training and professional learning applications for its enterprise and government clients. 

“Zoe and Dreamscape are like-minded companies — we both believe in the power of virtual reality for everyone,” said Emilie Joly, Co-founder, and CEO of Zoe Immersive. “Partnering with Dreamscape means that together we can bring new compelling ways for individuals and companies to influence learning and communication and do it in such a manner where anyone, regardless of their skills, can create 3D environments to share.”

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