The Glimpse Group Adds Two New Augmented Reality Patents to Its Portfolio
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The Glimpse Group Adds Two New Augmented Reality Patents to Its Portfolio

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The diversified Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality platform company, The Glimpse Group, announced that it had acquired two new patents to its portfolio with its deal with Brightline Interactive. Immersive Ecosystem and Method for Generating An Augmented Reality Experience are the two US patents.

‘Immersive Ecosystem’ relates to the use of real-time sensor integration to provide content that is virtualized or spatial. All of the content within the virtual experience is created and adjusted using information gathered by real-world sensors, such as biometrics and atmospheric data.

For instance, educational content can be delivered to learners and adjusted in real-time to best fit their specific learning styles and needs. It opens the doors for creating customized content at scale with unlimited personalization.

‘Method for Generating An Augmented Reality Experience’ addresses using a technology platform that enables users to take 2D or 3D pictures or films with real or animated augmented reality characters. This technology allows for seamless spatial interaction between users’ mobile devices and giant display screens.

For instance, for the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium, BL developed the Pose With The Pros experience, which has subsequently become a globally scalable immersive product platform.

“At BL, we have always strived to push the boundaries of immersive technology but in a sensical way with real-world usability,” said Tyler Gates, Chief Futurist of Glimpse, General Manager of BL and one of the Patents’ Inventors.

These two patents are a powerful culmination of this idea, with significant commercial applications already being used by the company’s active customers today and in the future.

“As demonstrated by the real-file examples above, we view these two patents as enabling infrastructure patents with significant commercial implications,” added Lyron Bentovim, President and CEO of The Glimpse Group.

The new patents fit well with other 8 US patents that have already been granted to Glimpse, totaling 10 patents that cover a wide range of prospective immersive technology use cases and target industries.

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