Qintess to Join Forces with Living Popups to Bring Brands to Life

Qintess to Join Forces with Living Popups to Bring Brands to Life

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An alliance that will cater to a range of businesses from entertainment to corporate, including various sectors such as finance, retail, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, tourism, and education, among others, has been unveiled by two major tech innovators. Being accredited as one of the 100 most innovative companies in Brazil, Qintess has joined forces with Living Popups, the name behind extended reality experiences, to launch an immersive experience platform in the market.

Nana Baffour, Chairman, CEO, and Chief Culture Officer at Qintess, remark, “The use of immersive technologies, known as XR including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) has grown exponentially and is becoming more and more popular with the widespread adoption of 5G. With this last technological barrier resolved, companies can provide magical experiences for their customers.”

The platform is all about amalgamating the strength of both the companies in their respective domains. Qintess brings in the expertise in artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, application development, and advanced data analysis while Living Popups add the flavor of captivating interactive content and augmented reality experiences.

The three solution realms offered by Qintess – Experience Management, Agile Automation, and Analytics and Decision Science are shortly expected to be enhanced by the new platform.

The clients served by both the companies are going to discover a more effective method to harness existing data and new innovative ways to collect more data from their users through these immersive experiences.

The ultimate aim of this collaboration is to enhance the consumer experience as well as revolutionize the way consumers interact with brands. From curating extended experiences for banks and insurance companies to upgrading the offerings of the tourism industry to bringing more effective techniques in sectors such as education and healthcare, the practical applications of this platform are endless.

Cheryl Bayer, CEO of Living Popups highlights, “In the entertainment sector, character-based compelling content enhances the solution and remains at the forefront for the promotion of films, series, shows, and advertisements. We want to expand our vast experience in creating Hollywood quality content to all VR and AR interactions to support brands and promote loyalty.”

Bringing in her expertise from working on accomplished projects such as The Simpsons and Sex and the City, Bayer is a champion when it comes to curating immersive experiences around brands. James Dixon, the CTO of Living Popus, brings in over 30 years of VFX and technology experience gathered while working on blockbusters such as Fast and Furious, which acts as a remarkable addition to the company.

The growth envisioned in the global AR-VR market is boundless. As per a report from IHS Markit, the industry is expected to jump from USD 3.2 billion in 2017 to USD 100 billion by the end of this year. The recognition by various sectors and further adoption of this technology within their operations has acted as a catalyst to this growth, which is only expected to go higher up in the future.

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