Arvizio Launches its AR Instructor solution for iPad, iPhone and Android Devices
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Arvizio Launches its AR Instructor solution for iPad, iPhone and Android Devices

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The enterprise augmented and mixed reality solutions provider, Arvizio, has announced that its AR Instructor solution offering augmented reality guided instruction is now available for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. The move would make the offering more accessible and expand its reach to a broader consumer base. 

The AR Instructor provides no-code, customized sequential instruction superimposed over a technician’s field of view. These instructions can comprise images, videos, 3D models, documentation, or even AR annotations such as animated arrows. Additionally, the users can connect with a remote expert through live see-what-I-see videos and obtain real-time guidance through interactive mark-ups.

According to Arvizio, organizations can now integrate hybrid MR/AR into their instructional workflows via iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, in addition to the established medium of AR headsets. The platform’s authoring tools on headsets enable creators to place and preposition instructions which they can further share with tablet or smartphone users to complete the task. The new capabilities help simplify the authoring and allow for accurate content placement superimposed on a physical object or workspace.

Now, the technicians and field workers can benefit from the capabilities of the AR Instructor using their tablets or smartphone. They can pull up associated videos and documentation as needed, just with a simple touch. The mobile solution allows users to connect to a remote expert from their device to seek guidance.

Organizations are always on the lookout for products and services to maximize personnel resources in field service and for other operational activities and enhance productivity at the same time. This problem becomes exponentially larger when dealing with remote services.

“AR Instructor now offers device flexibility and provides the tools to significantly improve efficiency and performance with fewer resources,” said Jonathan Reeves, CEO at Arvizio.

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