Adobe Introduces Its Metaverse Creator Tools for Meta’s Quest Headsets

Adobe Introduces Its Metaverse Creator Tools for Meta’s Quest Headsets

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Adobe has released a new set of tools to allow users to build immersive experiences suited for the metaverse. With the recent launch, the Substance 3D suite of products got some new additions.

Substance 3D is a portfolio of creator tools and the 3D equivalent of Adobe’s long-standing and well-liked Creative Cloud collection of tools for editing videos and photos. Additionally, the company partnered with Meta to provide the Substance 3D suite to the Quest virtual reality platform.

In exchange, Meta will provide its Quest customers with access to Adobe’s tools so they may create their 3D content for use in Quest headsets.

Sebastien Deguy, Vice President and Head of 3D and Metaverse at Adobe, explained the additions to the metaverse-centric creative tools suite by stating that brand investments in the metaverse and 3D content creation have skyrocketed in the past year as companies worldwide prepare for the transition to a new medium. 

Additionally, Adobe stated that its collaboration with Meta for the new Substance 3D suite is a part of a multi-year agreement between the two companies. As a result, users of Meta’s Quest 2 and Quest Pro virtual reality headsets can access current and future Adobe metaverse creativity tools.

In a statement, Adobe said that game publishers like Electronic Arts, Microsoft, and Ubisoft and top international developers like Epic Games and Nvidia already use its Substance 3D suite for prototyping and releasing early metaverse experiences.

For instance, a key adopter is the Omniverse brand of 3D immersive platforms owned by Nvidia. In addition, the business is working to integrate 3D visualization into immersive industrial designs and platforms for automotive development.

Interestingly, the Adobe-Meta collaboration comes as Meta struggles to find takers for its Horizon Worlds metaverse. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week that while Meta had set a target of half a million Horizon Worlds users by the end of 2022, the figure is only around 200,000 – less than half of its target.

More concerningly, the survey revealed that, after the first month of joining the platform, only 9% of its users represent repeat visitors to the virtual space.

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