Madison College Deploys VR Tech for Virtual Learning
Madison College VR Tech for Virtual Learning

Madison College Deploys VR Tech for Virtual Learning

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Amidst the pandemic, several Wisconsin schools have adapted to virtual and remote learning, but one of them is taking its initiatives a notch higher.

Madison College has deployed virtual reality to facilitate learning for many programs, including EMS, paramedic, nursing, respiratory therapy, anatomy, botany, optometric technician, dental hygiene, and HVAC.

From the Academic Technology Wing of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Madison College’s William Ballo explained that the new programs are fully customizable.

“They have a hand within the virtual environment,” he said. “They can actually pick things up, they can grab stuff, they can move things around, they can put things where they belong, they can talk to an actual patient.”

These virtual programs are accompanied by live instruction, a mode of learning that Ballo describes as ‘multi-player style learning.’

“They can make some decisions,” he added. “Rather than just letting them go through it and then getting a report later on, we can actually interact with the student, be live with the student, see them actually act and react to everything that’s going on in the environment.”

Being the first one in the state, Madison College joined the list of a select few in the country using VR tech in the classroom.

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