XR Immersive Tech Files Patent Applications with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office
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XR Immersive Tech Files Patent Applications with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office

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The leading immersive applications developer, XR Immersive Tech, has filed two complete patent applications for its patent-pending technology with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

The new applications are the latest additions to its rapidly expanding patent portfolio as it had already filed US provisional patent applications for its technology. The company filed these Canadian patent applications to safeguard its valuable intellectual property as it innovates and pursues the development of cutting-edge VR/AR technology to support sales growth and opportunities.

The foremost Canadian patent application is titled ‘System and Method for Plug and Play VR.’ It incorporates the overall UNCONTAINED VR gaming package, including, but not limited to, customer viewing, on-site installation, overall coordination, competitive gameplay, blockchain-based rewards tokens, and integration of all these features with immersive effects.

The second application, titled ‘System and Method for Immersive Effects,’ incorporates the company’s unique intellectual property around providing immersive effects for different experiences, which include, but are not limited to, virtual reality gaming.

Tim Bieber, CEO of XR Immersive Tech, said, “These full patent applications are a significant milestone that indicates the potential of the company’s technology to deliver cutting edge VR to create a unique hyper-immersive experience for users. Protecting our IP is extremely important to us as we believe our patent-pending UNCONTAINED platform and technology have unparalleled opportunities for growth worldwide. We are working diligently to maximize the commercial opportunities our technology affords us and for the creation of shareholder value.”

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