Gucci celebrates its 100th anniversary with an immersive virtual garden experience
Gucci Garden

Gucci celebrates its 100th anniversary with an immersive virtual garden experience

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Celebrating its 100th anniversary, Gucci has partnered with Roblox, a gaming platform, to launch a VR experience based on ‘Gucci Garden’. The virtual experience is open to shoppers for the next fourteen days and will take place beside archetypes, the physical exhibition set up in Florence. Visitors on entering the ‘virtual Gucci garden’ transforms into a character of an ageless mannequin.

Visitors can access the digital exhibition through Roblox, which has a series of scenes with dynamic patterns and textures for each visitor’s mannequin. Visitors start the virtual journey through a variety of themed rooms. Visitors’ mannequins absorb elements of the exhibition by visiting various rooms, thereby changing themselves into digital artworks. Visitors can also purchase a boutique of limited-edition character items from Gucci.

Roblox’s gaming platform has formed a virtual experience for visitors, which includes limited-edition virtual items encouraged by the room dedicated to the Gucci bloom campaign. 

Floral accents cover the furniture; also, the navigation allows viewers to view their avatars taking shape in different patterns, colors, and special effects while enjoying exclusive Gucci’s virtual items.

Alongside the virtual Gucci garden, the brand also displays’ archetypes,’ an immersive multimedia experience that explores the creative concept of this digital campaign.

The Gucci garden archetypes copy rooms from Michele’s campaigns, including Rebellious Romantics spring-summer of 2016, the Dionysus Dance’ Cruise 2016, and Urban Romanticism fall-winter of 2015.

“I thought it was interesting to accompany people in these first six years of adventure, inviting them to cross the imaginary, the narrative, the unexpected, the glitter. So, I created a playground of emotions that are the same as in the campaigns because they are the most explicit journey into my imagery.” – Michele.

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