Samsung’s Peculiar VR Headset Leaks Once Again
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Samsung’s Peculiar VR Headset Leaks Once Again

After getting teased by Samsung with its bizarre bug-eyed Odyssey VR headset, it was now time to get a closer look. The brand-new device with huge buggy orange eyes by the company enables scalable haptic VR training which was demonstrated at their facility in Hanover, Germany.

The Hague International Design System which is a segment of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) recently granted Samsung the patent for the product, bringing its unique design out to the public eyes.

The unusual design lets go of the boxy style of Samsung’s 2017 Odyssey and 2018 Odyssey+ and adopts a more fashionable and comfortable-looking head brace. Even the headset’s integrated headphones sport a much sleeker design than its predecessors.

The redesign that led to the swollen orange goggles gives the headset the appearance of a colossal fly. But if looking like a massive bug promises a more visually-pleasing VR experience or just feels more comfortable, any user is going to want to lay their hands on it as soon as it hits the market.

This time the leak also gave a sneak peek at the Odyssey VR headset’s new touch controllers. Drawing inspiration from the Oculus controllers, these ones come with joysticks, unlike the previous versions.

There hasn’t been much discovered about the performance of the device yet. The only thing that hasn’t been left to speculation is the striking similarity to the device’s design with Jeff Goldblum slowly turning into a fly in 1986’s The Fly along with loads of more virtual fun.

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