Miami-based YUPIX Uses VR to Facilitate Innovative Real Estate Experiences
YUPIX Uses VR to Facilitate Innovative Real Estate Experiences

Miami-based YUPIX Uses VR to Facilitate Innovative Real Estate Experiences

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South Florida has seen a steep rise in creators and companies building virtual reality applications for a wide array of utilities, such as healthcare, fitness, and more. The Miami-based technology company, YUPIX, aims to capture the city’s attention by transforming how people do real estate through innovative virtual reality experiences.

YUPIX is the brainchild of Alvaro Alesso and Patricio Navarro, aiming to alter the way people interact with the world.

“As the book is the extension of your mind, YUPIX, or spatial computing, is the extension of your reality, so imagine how powerful your life is going to be if your reality could be taken to new boundaries. Extending the earlier reality is why the name is YUPIX because you pick your own reality, you pick what you want to see, and you are the main character,” said Alesso.

The company is primarily focusing on the real estate domain. It has a featured project at the E11EVEN Hotel & Residences Miami, and E11EVEN Hotel Residences Beyond, a development of 65-story condominiums downtown highlighting luxury living. YUPIX can provide a lifelike walkthrough of the under-construction location through its technology.

The virtual reality experience eliminates the need for blueprints or models of the building, as people can actually see the condominiums using a VR headset even before breaking ground. The fully furnished virtual apartments highly every tiny detail, even showcasing a virtual reality pool you can swim in.

Moreover, the technology can also identify and evaluate any potential problems with the design, helping the developers find adequate solutions and accelerate the building process. The company’s larger goal is to expand its offering beyond Miami, enabling users and buyers across the globe to visit such locations virtually.

“So you are going to be interactive all the time, between the real world and the virtual world in a way that is going to be absolutely natural, and that is how we envision the world,” said Navarro.

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