Vection Technologies Unveils the Mindesk Interface at CES 2021

Vection Technologies Unveils the Mindesk Interface at CES 2021

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The most iconic tech event in the world, CES, will see another major launch this year as Vection Technologies (VR1) is all set to introduce its latest Mindesk release.

CES, formerly Consumer Electronics Show, is where both the biggest names and the promising start-ups in the tech industry uncover the remarkable technologies that they have been working on. This year, the event is taking place virtually from January 11 to the 14th.

Vection’s novel technology provides an augmented and mixed reality (XR) interface to simplify the functionality of a Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. It eliminates the need for programming skills or lengthy export and configuration processes by enabling the user to run the CAD software in a virtual reality environment.

Using Mindesk, engineers and designers can place a virtual hologram of their model right beside their workstation, allowing them to expand their 2D monitor within the surrounding environment in XR. This will completely transform the way they work and build models as of today.

For example, a designer would be able to model a 3D car directly in XR allowing for faster design iterations. This can massively cut down the time it takes for a product to reach the market from the design table in the automotive industry.

Vection’s Managing Director, Gianmarco Biagi, said, “We are pleased to participate in the world’s biggest annual consumer electronics show, the CES 2021, presenting the breakthrough integration of XR in the Vection Technologies’ Mindesk software, a pivotal advancement of the company’s strategy around disruptive tools for design and engineering.”

“As the company progresses its global growth strategy, it continuously strives to develop disruptive technologies to cement a unique software suite, generating value for all stakeholders, toward the wider product adoption in a fast-paced, high-growth market segment,” he added.

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