Oculus to Begin Experimenting with Ads on Its Mobile App

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The virtual reality arm of Facebook, Oculus, will begin experimenting with ads for Oculus content within its mobile application soon.

The company stated via a blog post that it aims to enable developers on its platform to boost the discoverability of its offerings. The VR company will also provide its users the tools to manage the information it uses to show them ads to ensure that only the relevant ads are delivered to them. 

Oculus mentioned, “Our goal is to help developers – and the experiences they create, both big and small – be discovered by more people. The Oculus Store includes hundreds of games and apps, and we want to make sure everyone helping us make VR a reality has a chance to find and communicate with fans. For example, a developer who built one of your favorite games could run ads to make sure people can discover a new app or experience they launched.”

The company added, “Developer success is important and a key area we’re hoping to accelerate as VR continues to grow. We’re exploring other ways for people to interact with brands on the Oculus platform, including within the headset, and will keep you updated on what we’re working on.”

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