Threedium and Bullfrog Digital Collaborate to Help Brands Leverage New Digital Ad Formats

Threedium and Bullfrog Digital Collaborate to Help Brands Leverage New Digital Ad Formats

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The leading 3D and augmented reality platform, Threedium, announced an exclusive partnership with Bullfrog, a luxury advertising, communications, and content agency. The collaboration aims to steer advertisers toward digital innovation in the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape.

According to Threedium, partnering with Bullfrog solidifies the companies’ shared vision, which has grown over multiple collaborations on campaigns for luxury brands. The partnership intends to give luxury brands access to cutting-edge digital formats created to bridge the gap between companies and their audience.

Early this year, Threedium was contacted by Bullfrog, which offers its clients a digital ad format that promotes eCommerce sales to assist in conceptualizing and creating an innovative new format. According to the firm, the new ‘3D PARASCROLL’ will enable companies to facilitate 3D experiences via a high-impact display ad format and allow customers to interact and connect with the more refined elements of a product to assist them in making an informed purchasing decision.

Bullfrog and Threedium claimed that their new partnership would enable both brands and publishers to become early adopters of a novel fully-interactive digital format and unlock untapped user engagement avenues and pathways to progress toward the future of digital advertising. Richemont Group and Samsung are among the brand partners of the exclusive 3D PARASCROLL format.

“The necessity for creativity and innovation within the digital media industry has never been more paramount,” said Dan Langton, Head of Partnerships at Bullfrog.

He added that Threedium is the perfect partner to advance Bullfrog’s offering into the fascinating new digital era of immersive experiences.

“Bullfrog’s digital media offering with Threedium’s technology will certainly help shape the future of advertising. The importance of creativity and innovation has never been greater in the digital media industry,” said Kyriacos Kyprianou, the Head of Business Development at Threedium.

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