Animoca Brands Buys a Majority Stake in Pixelynx, a Music Metaverse Company

Animoca Brands Buys a Majority Stake in Pixelynx, a Music Metaverse Company

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The company fueling the progress of digital property rights for gaming and the open metaverse, Animoca Brands, has purchased a majority stake in Pixelynx through a subsidiary. Musicians and technologists deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) and Richie Hawtin (Plastikman) had founded Pixelynx, a music metaverse gaming platform, with other music and gaming industry veterans Ben Turner, Dean Wilson, and Inder Phull.

Los Angeles-based Pixelynx operates across five countries. The company is developing a physical and digital ecosystem tailor-made for artists and fans with various products that diminish the gap between music, gaming, and Web3.

Pixelynx’s ecosystem will allow artists to control how they create experiences for their fans, partners, and other platforms that help them explore new ways to develop, share, and monetize their music.

To power the future of the music industry through connection with gaming and Web3 technologies and communities, Animoca Brands has acquired a majority stake in Pixelynx. The company will further build, invest in, and acquire studios, infrastructure, and technologies for this purpose.

Pixelynx also runs LynxLabs, a novel investment initiative that aims to bring the next wave of music to the surface and power entertainment ventures by providing access to artists, funding, token design, technical support, and celebrities. The company has also invested in Volta XR and Oorbit with this vision.

ELYNXIR is an upcoming debut game by Pixelynx that aims to create a next-gen mobile gaming platform to bring fans closer to their favorite artists. It will provide access to exclusive content, in-game collectibles, and immersive gaming experiences.

ELYNXIR, which uses advanced augmented reality and geolocation to enable players to discover music, games, collectibles, artists, and user-generated content, is powered by Niantic Lightship AR technology. ELYNXIR aims to facilitate a new type of artist-to-fan collaboration that will change how the music industry engages communities and monetizes content, allowing fans to be collaborators, collectors, influencers, and investors. It offers a new level of creative immersion and gameplay in the music metaverse.

By 2030, it is anticipated that the worldwide music market will generate US$131 billion. In terms of strategic fit, Animoca Brands and Pixelynx will concentrate on creating new formats for listening to music that can scale across the metaverse to open up new revenue opportunities. They will utilize their access to the worldwide network of platforms, infrastructure, and entertainment rights-holders.

Pixelynx’s ELYNXIR will become a part of the Animoca Brands ecosystem, emphasizing open standards, interoperability, and novel interactive audio-visual formats.

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