Metaverse Sporting App Raramuri Unveils New Features and Exciting Partnerships

Metaverse Sporting App Raramuri Unveils New Features and Exciting Partnerships

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The groundbreaking sports app bringing world-class running events to the metaverse, Raramuri, has announced some exciting partnerships and new features.

Raramuri has gained much popularity in the four months since its launch and co-hosted one of the biggest marathons in the metaverse. The app has more than 20,000 downloads and is currently ranked as the second-best sports app in Vietnam. Every day, around 3,000 people utilize Raramuri, and as a result, more than 90 running groups have been formed. These clubs have worked together to plan more than 60 events.

Raramuri has launched two new features to improve the user experience and make it safer and more social, building on the early momentum.

In addition to giving viewers the most recent, accurate information and entertaining storytelling, Raramuri’s new Live Track Feature adds a host of enhanced functionality and enables the runners to get support from their followers and families.

Users can now, for instance, receive current temperature and weather information at the jogging site. They can also quickly follow the whereabouts, progress, and health status of any of their favorite runners and actively participate in any local running groups. Users can even browse photos taken by runners while they are on the route. At the same time, viewers at home may follow their favorite runner using the Live Track feature of the app.

Raramuri is also introducing a new SOS Feature, which enables users to rapidly request assistance wherever required to help safeguard the health and safety of its community. Even if the runner loses the mobile signal, the function will find them and direct them back to the proper course. Even when SIM service and an internet connection are unavailable, the SOS Feature uses satellite signals to track and report runners’ exact locations.

The La An Ultra Trail and the Cross-Vietnam Relay Run, two of the biggest running competitions in Vietnam, will have Raramuri as their strategic technology partner.

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