Avatly to Debut as World’s First Cutting-edge eCommerce Metaverse Fashion Mall

Avatly to Debut as World’s First Cutting-edge eCommerce Metaverse Fashion Mall

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Aiming to offer a truly exceptional experience for trying on virtual apparel in the metaverse, Avatly debuts as an eCommerce metaverse fashion mall. Avatly believes that the metaverse and VR technologies are crucial for making this vision a reality.

The platform aims to offer the best real-time 3D experience and avatar solutions using Unreal Engine 5 and Binance Smart Chain technology, elevating the shopping experience to a new level. Additionally, Avatly will incorporate eCommerce with metaverse 3D boutiques devoted to high-end fashion brands and designers.

Avatly is a diamond-shaped structure situated on a tropical island in the heart of paradise, the most stunning location in the metaverse. It is inspired by independence, wealth, and exclusivity. Avatly, spread across three floors, will occupy around 300,000 square meters.

Avatly will also have entertainment areas with elements like fashion shows and VR parties for users who don’t want to shop. Users can build their precise, ultra-realistic avatars using the app, developed on the best 3D gaming engines.

In Avatly metaverse spaces and 3D catwalks, the platform will use avatars for virtual try-on. Customers will use conventional eCommerce tools to buy real clothes or 3D versions of clothing for virtual use. Metaverse 3D boutiques will feature high-end fashion brands and designers and be interconnected with e-commerce.

The platform can accommodate Avatly’s partners’ unique needs through the flexible customization of the virtual retail spaces created for the metaverse fashion shopping experience.

The interior design team at Avatly works on various virtual space projects to meet the needs of different and discerning brands. Avatly will allow apparel companies to digitally modify their industry and revolutionize their brand with 3D garment collections that are true to life.

Users can easily create, collect, and trade unique NFTs with the help of technology that Avatly will offer. With the aid of an internal app that concurrently makes a 3D mesh and scans the user’s face, users will be able to create avatars with the help of its technology.

AVA is a token built for utility using the BNB Smart Chain. Users can use the token within the Avatly ecosystem, which includes ads transactions, user activities, and rewards in Avatly.

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