Microsoft introduces Mesh to enable more immersive mixed-reality applications
Microsoft Mesh

Microsoft introduces Mesh to enable more immersive mixed-reality applications

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Microsoft has launched Microsoft Mesh, a service that will enable users to create characters and project them into virtual settings.

Microsoft Mesh will focus on developers who can harness the service to build better immersive applications.

Microsoft Mesh is running on Microsoft’s Azure public cloud. The service relies on abilities in Azure to render users’ characters and process the virtual content which they view. When there are many users in the same virtual scene, Microsoft Mesh continuously synchronizes information across their devices so that things added by one user can be viewed by the other users as well.

Microsoft and its partners are also working on software based on Microsoft Mesh. Microsoft has launched a pair of applications for the HoloLens headset that uses the service to power some of the features. Additionally, Microsoft is partnering with OceanX, which built the OceanXplorer deep-sea exploration vessel, to build a holographic laboratory for researchers. 

“The idea is to take all this amazing scientific data we’re collecting and bring it into a holographic setting and use it as a way to guide scientific missions in real-time.” – Vincent Pieribone, Chairman, OceanX Vice. 

Microsoft explained that the holographic laboratory could be used to present a virtual representation of a deep-sea canyon.

Besides core tasks like sharing data between users and rendering content, Microsoft Mesh will also simplify other features of building mixed reality software. Applications focused on enterprises may use Active Directory to prepare and process employee login calls.

Developers can use Microsoft Mesh to build apps for both the HoloLens system and third-party headsets like Oculus Quest 2. It also works with smartphones.

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