2022 Disney Accelerator Class to Focus on Building the Future of Immersive Experiences

2022 Disney Accelerator Class to Focus on Building the Future of Immersive Experiences

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The pioneering global mass media and entertainment giant, The Walt Disney Company, has announced the six companies joining the 2022 Disney Accelerator, focusing on exciting, immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality, Non-fungible Tokens, Artificial Intelligence, and more. The Disney Accelerator is designed to foster the growth of innovative companies worldwide by providing them with mentorship and resources.

The program will provide the 2022 class with an insight into Disney’s creativity, imagination, and expertise. Each participant company will obtain guidance from Disney’s senior leadership team with a dedicated executive mentor. The program will conclude with a Demo Day in the fall hosted at The Walt Disney Studios lot in Burbank, CA.

“For nearly a century, Disney has been at the forefront of leveraging technology to build the entertainment experiences of the future,” said Bonnie Rosen, General Manager of the Disney Accelerator program.

The companies chosen to participate in this cohort of the 2022 Disney Accelerator program include:

Flickplay, a Web3 social app that allows users to discover NFTs connected to real-world locations that they can experience and share using AR.

Inworld, a developer platform that enables users to create interactive, AI-driven characters and use them for immersive experiences.

Lockerverse, a Web3 platform that empowers creators and brands to communicate culture-defining stories and offer unique access and experiences to their audiences.

Obsess, an experiential eCommerce platform that allows brands to develop immersive 3D virtual stores on their websites and on other metaverse platforms.

Polygon, a scalable blockchain network that enables developers and enterprises to build exciting Web3 experiences.

Red 6, an AR company that has created a patented headset and interface that can function outdoors in a dynamic, high-performance environment.

Furthermore, Disney aims to continue working with the other companies in the industry to advance its vision for developing new technologies and storytelling canvasses that amalgamate experiences across the physical, digital, and virtual worlds.

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