XR Immersive Tech and QuarkXR Partner to Introduce a New VR Streaming Solution
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XR Immersive Tech and QuarkXR Partner to Introduce a New VR Streaming Solution

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The leading location-based virtual reality platform and an XR Immersive Tech subsidiary, SynthesisVR, has partnered with QuarkXR, a pioneering company focused on VR streaming, to release its new VR streaming product to VR arcades worldwide.

QuarkXR is a trusted partner of several global brands, such as Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Vodafone, Ericsson, and more. The new streaming product, created in partnership by the two companies, offers location-based virtual reality (LBVR) arcade operators a simple and automated VR streaming solution.

The new LBVR solutions will dramatically simplify the connection between the host system and the VR headset, eliminating the need to install multiple software applications, manage third-party accounts, and set up headset connections manually based on the model. As a result, the operators can benefit from seamless VR streaming and more efficient processes.

The new wireless streaming platform can support all standalone VR headsets without any third-party accounts or additional applications. It offers a simple PC to VR headset pairing process. It allows the operator to swap or replace the connected headset without closing and restarting the game in case of an error or hardware issue. It also provides variable bitrate settings to control the stream’s performance adequately. A persistent VR streaming mode prompts the headsets to auto-connect when powered down between sessions.

Additionally, the operators can now offer free-roaming arena games to their customers from the SynthesisVR free-roam games catalog. The system completely eliminates the need for tethered VR experiences, often characterized by problematic and breakable cables.

It is an industry-first solution to enable LBVR operators to facilitate wireless game streaming with any standalone VR headset off the market. Moreover, SynthesisVR’s catalog of 400+ PC or Android-based VR Games provides effortless access to quality content without needing individual accounts or dedicated wireless link software. The operators can manage all the headsets, and user gaming sessions from a single SVR admin console as the solution seamlessly connects to the SynthesisVR facility management tech stack.

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