Turkish Cryptocurrency Exchange ICRYPEX Unveils a New NFT Collection
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Turkish Cryptocurrency Exchange ICRYPEX Unveils a New NFT Collection

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The ICRYPEX NFT Marketplace, set up by the Turkey-based cryptocurrency exchange ICRYPEX, has unveiled its new NFT collections. The organization has collaborated with three new partners for the collections, being described as the digital art gallery of Turkey.

Gökalp İçer, CEO of ICRYPEX, made the announcement to the community. He highlighted the company’s collaborations with a foundation, a leading newspaper, and a record-holding athlete as the first of its kind in the country to bring the unique collection to the recently launched platform, highlighting Turkey’s values within the NFT ecosystem.

The ICRYPEX NFT Marketplace has inked a partnership with the Nesin Foundation, established by the Turkish comedy writer Aziz Nesin. The foundation aims to propel the growth of children as capable individuals who would contribute positively to society. The nearly century-old newspaper, Cumhuriyet Newspaper, and the well-known athlete and a holder of 17 Guinness records, Erden Eruç, also feature in the special collections.

Aziz Nesin’s memoirs, an 82-year-old archive from the Cumhuriyet Newspaper, and Erden Eruç’s equipment have been created as NFTs for the ICRYPEX NFT Marketplace. The collections will go live on the platform for a presale in June. The company hopes to bring these collections to a global scale and create the utmost value for the entire NFT ecosystem.

Cumhuriyet is one of Turkey’s most influential newspapers, and every issue in its 82-year-old archive has been transformed into an NFT to be put up for sale on the platform. Arif Kızılyalın, the Chief Editor of the Cumhuriyet Newspaper, describes the new project by ICRYPEX as a ‘breakthrough in the history of media.’ As a result, headlines highlighting countless key moments from Turkish history will continue to live on as digital artworks.

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