Lords of the Lands Metaverse to Unveil its First NFT Presale

Lords of the Lands Metaverse to Unveil its First NFT Presale

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The utility-driven metaverse ecosystem, Lords of The Lands, is set to enable its NFT holders to monetize their virtual lands and earn monthly rentals with its pre-sale event. The project is gearing up to launch a collection of 300 Land NFTs & 255 Lord NFTs.

Through the event, attendees can purchase the genesis mint of both Land and Lord NFT at a reduced price, allowing them to capitalize on this innovative new blockchain project early on. The Lords of the Lands website will offer access to this unique opportunity.

The LOL Metaverse will be accessible through web, mobile, and VR apps and is powered by the Ethereum blockchain. The project aims to give LOL members and the community a motivating yet enjoyable metaverse experience by consolidating all available Metaverse Utility in one location.

The highest title in the LOL metaverse is “Landlord,” and to hold this title, you must have at least 1 Lord NFT and 1 Land NFT in the same wallet. The principal advantage of being a landlord is that they will receive monthly Ethereum rentals.

The LOL landlords will receive 25% of the LOL creator royalty. The amount of the rent will depend on the scarcity of the Land NFT and the number of days that NFT holders will have both the Land NFT and the Lord NFT in their wallets at the same time.

For its Landlords, LOL will also host online gaming competitions on the apps and websites of its e-gaming partners, where they can play their favorite games like PubG, GTA V, FreeFire, and more. They can also compete for prizes up to $10,000 and exclusive LOL NFTs like Lords, Lands, Vaults, Swords, Weapons, and Accessories.

3000 Land NFTs and 2000 Lord NFTs make up the project’s complete NFT collection, of which LOL is introducing 555 in the initial pre-sale collection.

The Land NFT is kept in an Ethereum smart contract, and anyone can buy it using Ethereum. On the LOL Metaverse, there are three different kinds of 1×1 Land, and each Land NFT has a secret Treasure chest with exclusive LOL NFTs inside.

A Land NFT holder can use the LOL custom-built templates to design, distribute, and make money from their own unique experiences on the LOL Land. Holders of the Lord NFT will have beta access to the LOL Metaverse and, in the future, VIP access to LOL sporting events and concerts.

The team will soon publish the pre-sale date on their official Discord server and Twitter channel. Registration for the whitelist spots has already started.

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