Metajuice to Launch a New NFT marketplace on the IMVU Metaverse

Metajuice to Launch a New NFT marketplace on the IMVU Metaverse

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The pioneering blockchain firm and a subsidiary of Together Labs, Metajuice, has unveiled a novel NFT marketplace for the avatar-focused social network IMVU metaverse. The company has collaborated with several IMVU creators to launch its foremost collection of wearable in-world apparel NFTs.

Moreover, the company aims to unlock new functionality for its users through the NFT marketplace. The marketplace will provide over 200,000 creators on the platform with more ways to monetize their talent.

As per an official statement from the company, the first phase of the launch will enable IMVU users to wear and showcase their NFT apparel within the metaverse. Users will get a special badge and name color in the room and in the chat based on the NFT they pick and own. Other users in the space can view these badges and click on the owner’s avatar to get more information and metadata about the NFT.

John Burris, President at MetaJuice, remarked that numerous IMVU users have already invested in and purchased millions of dollars a month of digital goods. He believes that NFTs are an integral aspect of the virtual economy with the various benefits brought by exclusives, limited runs, and resell.

The metaverse platform is collaborating with the metaverse-native luxury fashion house, Auroboros, to host a design challenge for the inauguration of its NFT marketplace. The challenge will encourage creators and designers to create a digital couture design utilizing symbols and textures inspired by nature and created by Auroboros.

Furthermore, these designs will be converted into digital wearables and NFTs and will feature and sell on the IMVU NFT Marketplace. The creators will also receive a portion of the sales as part of the pricing package.

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