Umetaworld to Unveil New Website and App for Its Social Media Metaverse
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Umetaworld to Unveil New Website and App for Its Social Media Metaverse

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The first-of-its-kind social media metaverse, Umetaworld, has unveiled a new website and mobile app to enable users to interact with others seamlessly within the digital landscape.

Even with the metaverse’s rising popularity, most users have been within the gaming industry. However, Umetaworld differs in that regard as it aims to build the metaverse as a purely social space. 

Umetaworld will allow users to interact with each other through high-end avatars created with a realistic rendition of their faces. Users will take a selfie during the registration process, which they can turn into high-definition digital versions of themselves.

The platform packs the capability to create and customize private rooms which the users can decorate and dedicate to the subjects or topics of their liking. Umetaworld will also host several virtual events, such as concerts, conferences, meetups, and social shopping. 

Upon the release of the metaverse later this month, users can explore its Union Square, a digital landscape that closely resembles the material world.

Umetaworld aims to create a positive virtual space where users can let go of their worries and responsibilities, a very relevant vision for a world emerging from a vast global pandemic.

Daniele Marinelli, the founder and CEO of DTSocialize, one of the founding companies of Umetaworld, exclaimed that they created the project with the goal of spreading positivity within the Web3 landscape.

Marinelli will represent the platform at the Metaverse Summit in Paris, France, on July 16-17. He will participate in two panels – Web3 and Decentralization and Mixed Reality and Virtual World. Moreover, he will also formally introduce Umetaworld to the rest of the Web3 community.

The community has well-received the project so far, with its native token UMW listed on major decentralized exchanges.

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