Orange Luxembourg Creates a Digital Center within the Luxembourg Metaverse
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Orange Luxembourg Creates a Digital Center within the Luxembourg Metaverse

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The Luxembourg-based leading telecommunications company, Orange Luxembourg, has built a ‘Digital Center’ within the metaverse. As per a statement from the company, it aims to aggregate economic players and startups within the virtual world to help them explore the vast possibilities the meta verse has on offer.

Orange has acquired two ‘parcels of land’ within the Luxembourg metaverse and has built a ‘Digital Center’ in the second. The center will introduce visitors to several technological innovations within the metaverse and spread awareness about the challenges and dangers posed by the virtual environment.

“Orange Digital Centers are here to support and develop digital skills that already exist elsewhere in the physical world,” said Corinne Lozé, CEO of Orange Luxembourg.

The fundamental goal of this initiative was to explore the possibilities the metaverse can present to the company and help it emerge as a leading player in the virtual reality sector. Orange will also open a physical Orange Digital Center in September in Luxembourg City to support its initiatives within the digital world.

The Luxembourg Metaverse is a virtual reality space accessible to anyone. Orange had previously created a virtual shop within it that it had inaugurated in June.

Barbra Fangille, head of communications at Orange Luxembourg, explained that a key advantage of the Luxembourg Metaverse is its ease of accessibility. It allows anyone to discover and experience virtual reality without any technical knowledge or a deep understanding of complex technologies, such as cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

Users can access the metaverse in a few clicks and easily walk around to explore the virtual reality world without even owning a VR headset. This unique aspect can provide a unique experience to the company’s customers and help it acquire a lot more.

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