Astra Introduces a Grant Program to Incentivize Metaverse Developers and Accelerate Its Growth
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Astra Introduces a Grant Program to Incentivize Metaverse Developers and Accelerate Its Growth

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The pioneering blockchain platform for entertainment and gaming, Astra, is taking a unique approach to developing something revolutionary through experimentation and invention and has announced a $250,000 grant program to encourage Metaverse developers for the same.

The rising popularity of the metaverse has brought many trends to the surface. One of them is gamification and deploying game mechanics to create a compelling, engaging, and rewarding user experience. It has attracted a more diverse audience to the space, aided by shortened learning curves and quick immersion tactics.

Astra aims to step beyond the confines of the gaming industry and bring the metaverse into the real world to allow massive adoption of VR and AR and amalgamate these technologies within the real and virtual worlds.

The company’s powerful underlying technology is a 3D blockchain platform with the potential to become the foundation of a new era of virtual entertainment. It can facilitate real-life experiences within the gaming ecosystem. For instance, gamers can interact with their games and real-life players worldwide while sharing data among themselves.

The blockchain platform explores new avenues for the gaming industry, from NFT games to attending virtual events through a multichain metaverse. The game data is stored on a high-performance 3D blockchain that can deliver massive growth and players’ adoption of virtual and augmented reality.

Astra’s 3D blockchain technology has many applications in the entertainment industry. It can be used for NFT games, virtual events, or even retail use cases.

The recently announced grant aims to reward developers or makers with excellent gaming or entertainment projects. The program seeks to accelerate Astra’s ecosystem growth and encourage innovators to develop new, unique applications.

Even though Astra is not an experienced player in the crypto space, it has made significant contributions. The company is currently focusing on smart cities and the blockchain use case to enhance gamers’ experience.

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