Metaverse Protocol OVER and The Sandbox Launch a Unique NFT Treasure Hunt in New York
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Metaverse Protocol OVER and The Sandbox Launch a Unique NFT Treasure Hunt in New York

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The decentralized metaverse platform known for providing surreal AR/VR experiences, OVER, has signed a partnership with The Sandbox to introduce a unique NFT-based reward program for their communities.

The two entities had previously collaborated to host a cross-platform experience for users on the Sandbox ecosystem earlier in April. It enabled Sandbox users to control their NFTs on OVER and invite their friends to join in for activities without leaving the OVER app.

The new initiative takes this partnership a step further, enabling Sandbox users to participate in the ‘Hunt,’ a treasure hunt program prompting them to go around Manhattan, New York, from June 20-24 to collect digital assets. 

Interested participants can download the OVER app and begin their quests around Manhattan. A leaderboard will track participants’ activities, and the top 5 hunters will get exciting rewards, ranging from 2500 $SAND for the highest-paced hunter to 500 $SAND for the fifth-placed hunter.

Participants can also share their hunting experiences on Twitter and get rewarded via a video contest. The top 3 videos with the most likes will fetch 1250, 750, and 500 worth of $SAND, respectively. NFT hunters need to follow OVER and The Sandbox on Twitter to participate and receive rewards through the video contest.

Since its launch in 2020, OVER has quickly become one of the fastest-growing blockchain projects. It is a community-owned blockchain ecosystem that enables users to participate in activities within the metaverse and experience VR and AR environments through smart glasses and mobile devices.

OVER aims to create a new standard for augmented reality in the crypto ecosystem. It has adopted an open-source model, enabling community members to contribute to its growth, making it truly decentralized.

Additionally, the platform uses NFTs to create value for users and act as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. Since its launch, OVER has hosted several immersive activations and treasure hunts for NFTs in unique locations and landmarks.

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