House of Blueberry Raises $6M to Enhance Digital Fashion in the Metaverse

House of Blueberry Raises $6M to Enhance Digital Fashion in the Metaverse

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House of Blueberry has raised $6 million in seed money to invest in its interactive entertainment and digital fashion ventures. Everblue Management participated in the funding round, with Makers Fund serving as the round’s lead investor. Aiming to reach a larger audience, House of Blueberry will use the funds to expand ties with new video games and virtual worlds. 

Since its establishment in 2012 by Mishi McDuff, House of Blueberry has marketed its brand and sold over 20 million digital assets on websites like Roblox, The Sims, and Second Life. House of Blueberry claimed it has established a reputable brand in a rapidly developing market with limitless potential. The company is on a mission to help players, creators, and digital residents reach the next level of self-expression.

The company pioneered the digital fashion industry by teaming up with companies like Natori and Boy Meets Girl to debut their first virtual collections, Jonathan Simkhai to kick off the first Metaverse Fashion Week, and Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway to produce digital versions of the show’s iconic blue polo.

“Our ultimate vision is to become the largest digital fashion house in the world,” said McDuff.

Moving away from a primarily female design aesthetic and into male, androgynous design and accessories, makeup, and environmental assets, this most recent round of funding will hasten growth into new communities. Additionally, House of Blueberry will be available on new video games and websites that value user-generated content and individual expression.

“Over 62 million clothes and accessories were created by players on Roblox alone in 2022,” said Lia Zhang, investor at Makers Fund. “The numbers have been rapidly increasing every year, and we’re starting to see more games and platforms understand the importance of user-generated content.”

Character customization is now more crucial than ever because characters represent our digital selves in many of the most popular video games and virtual worlds, which have evolved into social networks.

Respecting the communities that House of Blueberry enters with real-world brands is a business strategy component. The communities themselves are the ones who define what culture is and what fashion should be. And one of the guiding principles of House of Blueberry is to create a community that can help people decide what to wear.

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