Untamed Planet Raises $24.3M to Build Nature-centric Metaverse and Immersive Games

Untamed Planet Raises $24.3M to Build Nature-centric Metaverse and Immersive Games

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The gaming company on a mission to protect the wild, Untamed Planet, has raised $24.3 million to create 3D immersive nature games using metaverse concepts and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Animoca Brands led the investment, and its subsidiary Nway will also support the development of the Untamed Metaverse.

Untamed Metaverse would be a 3D immersive experience, enabling players to contribute towards nature conservation efforts by exploring the world’s most impressive wild landscapes, participating in quests, collecting NFT assets, and forming communities passionate about protecting nature.

Untamed Planet aims to create fun, nature-based experiences by digitizing the world’s wildlife ecosystems and helping conservation efforts in the real world through its digital initiatives. The company is using Web3 technology to facilitate sustainable donations for nature conservation programs through play-to-earn and play-to-protect games for the Untamed Planet community members.

The company’s primary conservation partner is WildArk, a non-profit organization working with numerous other organizations worldwide to support community-led conservation efforts and safeguard the areas for wildlife and biodiversity.

“What excites me about the Untamed Planet mission is the opportunity to merge mainstream gaming with the new prospects that Web3 enables for digital ownership by players in order to drive real-world conservation – this project is epic,” said Scott Bandy, Studio Head at Untamed Planet.

Moreover, Untamed Planet is committed to environmental sustainability and is deploying best-practice technology and protocols to control its social and ecological impact. The blockchain projects are undertaken by the company, including Untamed Metaverse, will prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability.

A fundamental element of Untamed Planet’s mission is committing 50% of its profits to nature. The company will donate, invest, or distribute a minimum of half of each project’s profits to conservation initiatives. A few of its projects will share over 50% and up to 100% of the profits for conservation.

“We are extremely proud to work with Untamed Planet to support a project that is both a good cause and an extremely promising open metaverse development. We look forward to advancing the ways in which technology can drive nature conservation,” said Yat Siu, Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands.`

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