Meta Sets Up Asia’s First Extended Reality Research Hub in Taiwan

Meta Sets Up Asia’s First Extended Reality Research Hub in Taiwan

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The metaverse pioneer and Facebook parent, Meta Platforms, unveiled Asia’s first physical hub for extended reality (XR) research in Taiwan, promoting the development of immersive technologies of the future.

Stephanie Chu, the Head of Meta for Greater China, spoke of the company’s Taiwanese partners as an essential cornerstone to foster future tech development at the “Meta XR Hub Taiwan” launch ceremony in Taipei.

“Today marks another milestone of Meta’s establishment in Taiwan, and will work with Taiwanese partners to create the next generation of social technology,” Chu said.

Meta’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox also delivered a video speech and explained how metaverse is set to be the next big revolution in the social technology sector and Taiwan’s role in its development.

Taiwan is a global leader in building hardware and setting up public infrastructure for the same. The country has a competent workforce of creators, artists, researchers, and developers who are facilitating the development of new-age technologies.

With the advancement of augmented reality and virtual reality tech, Taiwan will play a critical role in the global metaverse industry, acting as a key hub for driving innovations in the sector.

American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Director Sandra Oudkirk spoke of Meta’s belief in Taiwan, which has been highlighted by the establishment of the XR Hub in Taipei.

“Taiwan is a central node of the globe’s semiconductor ecosystem and a cutting-edge pioneer on emerging technologies like hardware-software integration, chipsets, processors, 5G, and Wifi6,” Oudkirk said.

The Meta XR Hub Taiwan will focus on several initiatives, such as collaborating with Taiwantrade to build a platform for people to digitally engage with each other, taking the idea of trade exhibitions beyond a simple physical or online event.

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