Virtual Pangea Brings Its Plans for the First Multilayered Metaverse into the Limelight

Virtual Pangea Brings Its Plans for the First Multilayered Metaverse into the Limelight

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The creator of the first Multilayer Metaverse that brings together 2D, 3D, and AR layers, Virtual Pangea AG, disclosed its plans for building a multilayered, immersive ecosystem within the metaverse. The company recently released a fresh new online look and a comprehensive light paper that highlights its new, radical vision for building products and services for the web3.

The company greatly emphasizes community ownership and developing solutions that enrich both the physical and digital worlds. The light paper provides an insight into the Virtual Pangea ecosystem of products and services, highlighting its key initiatives, such as nexus technology, Block-0, a multi-device compatibility approach, and a contribute and earn model.

“We are excited to bring our visionary project to the world,” said Dani Chear, CEO of Virtual Pangea. “From the get-go, we had the vision of an ecosystem based on open economies and immersive environments that support and nurture communities.”

The Virtual Pangea ecosystem will enable businesses, institutions, and users to undergo a seamless metaverse experience through its four pillars –  Play, Create, Connect, Belong. The company’s fundamentals are powered by a gamified network of user-generated interactions and a comprehensive economy within an immersive environment.

The ‘nexus’ technology will offer Pangeans access to the 2D, 3D, and AR layers simultaneously to control the level of immersion they want to experience. For instance, they can walk around the virtual environment with a first-person view in VR or a third-person 3D view in a browser.

Block-0 is the foundation of the 3D and VR-ready metaverse experiences offered by Virtual Pangea. It has been designed as a multistory structure and powered by NFT technology to offer games, networking opportunities, galleries, and events for users looking to spend time within the metaverse. It will enable businesses to connect with potential customers within the web3 space. 

“Our tagline says it all: we envision the Virtual Pangea ecosystem as a world you know in a place you have never been to. We look forward to seeing you there!” added Chear.

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