Camp K12 Introduces Hatch Kids, an AR/VR, Metaverse Creation Platform for Kids
Camp K12 Introduces Hatch Kids

Camp K12 Introduces Hatch Kids, an AR/VR, Metaverse Creation Platform for Kids

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The edtech startup building a global online school, Camp K12, unveiled a metaverse and augmented reality and virtual reality creation platform, ‘Hatch Kids’, for young learners.

Hatch Kids is a free online 3D creation platform for children and students between 6 to 18 years old. It enables them to design, code, and publish 3D games, augmented reality apps, interactive virtual reality environments, and metaverse experiences without any previous design or coding experience.

The platform has amassed over 1.1 million users across 150 countries over the past six months. The company has inked several school, government, and edtech partnerships to bring the platform to learners worldwide. Over 75% of the users on the platform come from the US and Canada. Other top markets are the UK, Australia, and India. Over 3.6 million projects have been created on the platform to date.

“There are over 100 million kid coders out there today using a variety of free coding platforms to learn coding by building games and apps. These platforms are incredibly effective and set the stage for the kids coding movement starting in 2007. However, the vast majority of them are restricted to 2D project creation, built for the age of smartphones and flat screens. As technologies like AR and VR go mainstream, we need to upgrade the tools that kids learn on and that educators teach on for modern-day use cases and content formats,” said Anshul Bhagi, Camp K12’s Co-founder and CEO.

The company aims to build Hatch into the ‘coding platform for the age of the metaverse,’ enabling over 100 million young kids to create their first AR/VR content and become the builders of the mixed reality future rather than being passive consumers of it.

100+ schools and edtech companies in North America, the Middle East, India, and Europe have deployed the platform to make AR/VR creation accessible to young learners.

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