Xooa Unveils New ‘Mini Experiences’ to Accelerate the Adoption of Metaverse for Brands
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Xooa Unveils New ‘Mini Experiences’ to Accelerate the Adoption of Metaverse for Brands

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The white-label NFT platform for brands, Xooa, has launched metaverse experiences for builders to accelerate the adoption of the metaverse and web3 by brands, media, and entertainment firms. These Mini Experiences built on the Xooa platform include VR watch parties, VR art galleries, NFT drop experiences, and more.

Zach Danker Feldman, Head of Marketplaces at Xooa, explained that a significant flaw with the metaverse today is that it is fragmented into several walled garden implementations. As a result, the experiences, avatars, and other digital items are not portable from one metaverse to another.

Xooa takes a different approach by providing more control to brands and creators in the metaverse. The platform enables them to launch ‘mini experiences’ to their existing virtual communities, through their website or app, instead of redirecting their customers to third-party implementations to experience the metaverse.

Brands can decide whether the participants can bring in any NFT they own, the brand’s own NFTs, or NFTs from specific collections. The degree of openness can depend on the objective and design of the experience.

“An in-game weapon doesn’t make sense in an art gallery. The experience creator will make these decisions, and our technology provides this flexibility,” said Danker Feldman.

Brands that do not want to enter the web3 space can deploy these same frameworks for web2 NFTs. The company’s other products, NFT Origination and White-Label Marketplace support decentralized (web3) and centralized (web2) collections. Additionally, Xooa takes care of US legal and compliance aspects for these peer-to-peer marketplaces.

The Xooa frameworks support WebXR and WebGL for on-platform mini experiences, enabling users to participate in metaverse implementations through web browsers and VR headsets. The platform allows web2 users to participate as if they are web3 users using a cloud-based NFT wallet in addition to web3 wallet capabilities.

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