IamFuture Launches the Exciting Metaverse Platform Metarollers for Roller skating Enthusiasts
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IamFuture Launches the Exciting Metaverse Platform Metarollers for Roller skating Enthusiasts

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The IamFuture team unveils its new skill and creativity-based metaverse game, Metarollers, as a tribute to the roller skating community worldwide. The exciting play-to-earn 2D game encourages players to skate through cityscapes of cities across the globe.

Players can tweak the setup, dodge obstacles, collect digital artifacts, perform tricks, and trade their digital assets as NFTs. The gameplay incorporates numerous opportunities to socialize, express creativity, and earn additional income while having fun.

Metarollers envisions to be the pioneering play-to-earn 2D game that brings gamers from all over the world to a single ecosystem where they can make money, socialize, and enjoy the game.

The platform is being developed by the leading metaverse and immersive tech solutions provider, IamFuture, with the idea of bringing roller skating into the metaverse. The project could also provide a fantastic example of the new understanding of the urban spaces’ vision and use. The IamFuture team is working on a unique virtual urban environment incorporating key features of the top global cities, including NYC, Roma, Singapore, Dubai, and Monaco.

Moreover, the project introduces the new gaming concept of ‘Perform2Earn,’ where the players can earn rewards for performing ultimate tricks with the assistance of the game’s intuitive AI-empowered controls system. The players can also just roam around without any challenge to hang out with their friends. However, they will be rewarded if they decide to perform a spin in the air. The game introduces a new feature or idea, called the ‘Boredom Bar,’ which is the first of its kind in the eSports environment.

The entire ecosystem is powered by its token, ‘FRED,’ issued natively on Ethereum as an ERC-20 token.

Metarollers has been created with the vision to be far beyond just a game. It features a picturesque, sophisticated, and uniquely designed urban environment and provides innovative opportunities for businesses and brands to be represented in the urban landscape.

Five cities are just a starting point for the platform as it aims to create a universal roller skating environment with specific features from across the world. The token launch for the project is scheduled for 30 August 2022, with the landmark event in Monaco and Dubai.

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