eyeora Unveils a New Social VR Platform to Bring the Metaverse to the Masses
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eyeora Unveils a New Social VR Platform to Bring the Metaverse to the Masses

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The virtual reality tech company, eyeora, unveiled an innovative social VR platform to bring the metaverse to the masses, making it easier, cheaper, and quicker to create, share, and monetize VR content.

The platform comprises an app and a turnkey creative studio, considering the perspective of non-tech creators and enabling anyone to create VR content. It does not require technical skills or coding expertise and allows creators to create, edit, and share VR content within minutes. The platform features a simple drag and drop functionality to auto-sync different camera angles and save time and money on post-production.

eyeora is the only self-managed monetization platform in the metaverse, enabling anyone to generate income and sustain a career in the space. As a result, content creators, artists, entertainers, influencers, athletes, and brands can build their 3D life-like avatars and custom VR environments to host high-quality, immersive VR events and experiences in the metaverse. Users can publish their content directly to eyeora’s social VR app and multiple headsets.

“eyeora not only provides a destination for people to enjoy immersive entertainment experiences and events but an easy and affordable way for everyone to create, share and monetize content in the metaverse,” said Daniel Corazzi, CEO and Founder of eyeora.

The platform’s two key categories of users can be segregated as ‘creators’ and ‘explorers.’ Creators can use the platform to create and monetize VR rooms and events via subscriptions, pay-per-view, or advertising. Explorers or fans can participate in these rooms, socialize with friends or fellow users, attend training, watch sports or a concert, and more.

The company has received backing from high-profile entrepreneurs in the tech, music, and entertainment industries, such as former Spice Girls manager Chris Herbert, Tech Top 100 Entrepreneur Richard Pursey, and John Revell, co-creator of Ginger Media. Several known artists and brands have had their hands on the platform, including CeeLo Green, Ro James, Bridget Sarai, Dontae Winslow, Avehre, and the BBC.

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