Avantis Education Launches Eduverse in Select Schools Across the UK
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Avantis Education Launches Eduverse in Select Schools Across the UK

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The UK-based immersive learning firm, Avantis Education, has launched its ground-breaking new learning platform, Eduverse, across select K-12 learning institutions in the country. The company is offering a metaverse solution for schools to facilitate interactions between the students and the teachers via virtual reality classrooms.

Eduverse learning spaces would enable students to access education content within a ‘secure and controlled environment.’ It could foster endless possibilities for teachers to engage with their students in a better collaborative environment and bring theoretical concepts to life.

Avantis Education has curated Eduverse as a web-based and cross-platform solution, compatible with laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, phones, and VR headsets. It also supports the company’s purpose-built headset and Google Expeditions kit.

The platform allows the teachers to deploy immersive visualizations to explain academic concepts to students and provide training for other educational goals, such as post-COVID exercises or remaining active in the classroom through participation.

The based Eduverse offering is free for teachers who can log in to the platform using an active Microsoft or Google account. This makes it relatively easy for teachers and students to access the Eduverse teaching tools.

Eduverse provides control of the classroom to the teacher as they must allow students to enter the virtual learning spaces through a sign-in portal. Moreover, they can also host one-on-one sessions, facilitate large-scale classroom projects, and promote independent learning.

The platform also provides support for remote and hybrid learning initiatives, offering tools to connect dispersed classrooms.

Furthermore, classrooms can take an array of educational virtual trips using fully animated avatars of the students.

The company also offers Avantis World, an educational VR theme park packed with several immersive experiences, as a subscription service starting at £99.

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