InterMedia Launches MetaTope as Its Entry into the Metaverse
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InterMedia Launches MetaTope as Its Entry into the Metaverse

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The comprehensive technology services company, InterMedia, has launched its new subsidiary, MetaTope, as a metaverse onboarding platform to build blockchain-based solutions, drive NFT utility, and foster the adoption of specialized technology.

MetaTope is focused on developing more practical and interoperable use cases for blockchain technologies to enhance the ease of use across the metaverse, gaming, and other platforms. The company aims to transform how NFT tokens bring value and interest to the space, taking the idea beyond NFT utility as a piece of art in a virtual room.

The company is working on use cases that focus on user-friendly applications and augment the overall experience of a user within a virtual world. Interoperability is a crucial aspect of its platform to build the foundation to bring Web3 to the masses by reducing the gap between digital and real-world experiences.

MetaTope’s innovative tools will give creators full control over their intellectual property (IP), brands a seamless integration, and space for Web3-based companies to engage their communities. 

“Web3 and the blockchain will touch every business and individual in the world, and MetaTope was created to help build their foundations for everlasting future growth,” stated Jordan Yallen, CEO of MetaTope.

The company will kick start its operations by launching its first collection featuring NFTs and MTskins, designed in collaboration with Jerad Marantz, the well-known concept artist credited for creating the superheroes and villains of the Marvel and DC Universes.

MetaTope brings the sought-after features of interoperability to avatars in the NFT space, enabling players to transfer and use digital identities across the many metaverses. They can also personalize their avatars using the MTSkins and share them across multiple platforms, including social media, gaming, immersive apps, and more.

The Metatope app is expected to launch in July. It will feature markerless motion capture technology to capture a user’s face, full-body, and hands to help create a comprehensive avatar.

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