PANGU Unveils an Exclusive ‘PANGU ECOLAND’ NFT Drop for The Sandbox Users

PANGU Unveils an Exclusive ‘PANGU ECOLAND’ NFT Drop for The Sandbox Users

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The leading Asian metaverse development solutions provider and The Sandbox’s officially appointed metaverse agency, PANGU by Kenal, is gearing up for the ‘PANGU ECOLAND’ NFT drop beginning on June 14th. The collection introduces 30 high-quality assets from the PANGU ECOLAND experience that will be exclusively available to NFT enthusiasts on The Sandbox.

PANGU by Kenal is the web3 and metaverse agency wing of the Kenal Group, a pioneering creative agency offering all-rounded marketing solutions for over a decade. The Kenal Group specializes in exploring innovative ideas and creating unique designs and assets for several uses, such as website, AR, VR, interactive functions, visual merchandising, event and exhibitions, product and packaging, brand consultation, corporate identity development, and more.

PANGU offers services for metaverse-centric strategic planning, business development, marketing solutions, NFTs and trading, gaming, and social experience creation to firms worldwide. The company also offers solutions in diverse domains, such as environmental sustainability, social engagement, education, NGOs, and charity with themed interactions and asset creation.

The PANGU ECOLAND is a diversified ecosystem incorporating several environmental and educational themed interactions for players. It features real-life inspired assets to encourage players to transform and build elements within the ecosystem to sustain and expand their surroundings and property.

The PANGU ECOLAND NFT drop, facilitated through its environmental awareness-themed eco-land in The Sandbox Metaverse, highlights the company’s belief in environmental sustainability. The PANGU ECOLAND will introduce the first  NFT drop on June 14th, featuring thirty high-quality assets from the PANGU ECOLAND experience exclusively for the users of The Sandbox metaverse.

The company is planning for more such NFT collections and launches to expand the PANGU ECOLAND experience further and engage more NFT collectors in the near future.

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