Krikey Leverages UserTesting to Develop Its Latest NFT Offering

Krikey Leverages UserTesting to Develop Its Latest NFT Offering

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The leading video-based human insight specialist, UserTesting, announced that the augmented reality NFT gaming startup, Krikey, has utilized its platform for its newly launched project SolarPups.

SolarPups is a brand-new Web3 game based on the Flow blockchain. Krikey used the UserTesting Human Insight Platform to solicit feedback from customers on nearly every aspect of the game, including sketches of the SolarPups’ eyes, fur, tail, and toe beans, as well as the website and overall game functionality.

Before beginning development cycles, companies can create products that attract consumers by learning how consumers feel about product concepts. With a pre-sale of 200 NFT dogs selling out within hours of launch, SolarPups’ use of human insight throughout the product development process certainly paid off. 

UserTesting will purchase their first NFTs, a custom litter of blue UserTesting SolarPups, and gift them to employees internally.

“The most important voice in product development is the end user. We make sure that both developers and designers watch customer feedback videos to understand how people perceive the UX designs and game functionality,” said Jhanvi Shriram, CEO of Krikey.

Utilizing UserTesting during the development of digital products can assist teams in identifying and validating ideas early on and making wiser decisions that lead to outcomes like improving customer retention while lowering costs. The Krikey team used UserTesting to listen to customers and find new ways to enhance and distinguish their Web3 game.

Digital product teams can more easily and quickly identify issues with a shopping cart or user flow using UserTesting effectively. The platform helps prioritize what customers want and expect while minimizing risk by facilitating early understanding of customer preferences, which boosts confidence in the development cycle.

“The Krikey team is a great example of achieving success through using customer and market insights in the product development process. They truly understand the value and benefits of creating products that serve their customers’ preferences,” said Janelle Estes, the Chief Insights Officer for UserTesting.

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