Cosmic Wire and Ivana Belakova Collaborate to Launch Tattoo Art NFTs
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Cosmic Wire and Ivana Belakova Collaborate to Launch Tattoo Art NFTs

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The pioneering Web3 startup, Cosmic Wire, has collaborated with Ivana Belakova, a well-known celebrity tattoo artist, to release the latter’s one-of-a-kind, original art tattoos as NFTs.

For Ivana’s series of international events set for Dubai, Europe, and Los Angeles, this NFT collection of unique tattoo artwork will also serve as VIP tickets. Pass holders will also have exclusive access to her live tattoo sessions and a unique chance to win a tattoo of their own, as well as a collection of physical items with their NFT tattoo imprinted on it.

Certain pass holders will also have the opportunity to hear directly from Ivana’s celebrity clients as they describe the process and her work at fireside chats held at her favorite restaurants, luxury venues, and yachts across Europe and the United States.

Ultron sponsored special events hosted by Ivana. The Ultron Foundation is a new blockchain project that aims to provide scalability, security, and faster transaction throughput without sacrificing one for the other. The organization is developing a complete ecosystem that will roll out new dApps rapidly, one of them being their own decentralized exchange (DEX).

Ivana Belakova, also known as IVANA TATTOO ART, was the first and only woman in the world to have her tattoos recognized by the Macro Museum in Rome as modern fine art in 2018. Ivana, well-known for her vibrant ink and expressive street tattooing, is also a talented illustrator, clothing designer, and motivational speaker. Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Rich the Kid, Quavo, and Mia Khalifa are a few of her well-known clients.

Ivana is also a published author, having written two books, “Narcissistic Rockstar” and “Just Love Tattoos & Sushi.” She is a self-taught artist who has spent the last 22 years refining her craft. Ivana also gives seminars and teaches in places like Shanghai, India, Columbia, and Mexico.

“Ivana creates her art by first understanding what speaks to the person she is working on and then creating around them. She has built a community using her art as the vehicle. Cosmic Wire was honored to be able to support such an amazing project,” said Cosmic Wire CEO Jerad Finck.

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