Amira Learning to Acquire Within’s AR Reading App Wonderscope

Amira Learning to Acquire Within’s AR Reading App Wonderscope

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Wonderscope, an augmented reality reading app for Apple devices, has been sold by mixed reality company Within to Amira Learning, the intelligent reading assistant platform.

The technology used by Wonderscope and Amira Learning both listens to students reading out loud. When using Wonderscope, reading out loud reveals steps in an immersive augmented reality story, whereas Amira uses the technology to evaluate and support reading proficiency.

However, neither party disclosed the acquisition’s financial details.

Wonderscope was one of the first companies to bring storytelling in augmented reality, which superimposes digital images over the real world around you.

Its parent firm, Within, is a mixed reality company that earlier this year agreed to sell Facebook-owner Meta its VR fitness app, Supernatural, but the FTC sued to stop the transaction. The FTC asserted that the acquisition was part of Meta’s strategy to build a ‘virtual reality empire,’ which Meta has disputed as untrue.

The artificial intelligence tech used by Amira Learning assists in evaluating students’ reading skills, personal tutoring, and screen dyslexia risk. According to the company, more than 5,000 schools are using their software, which nearly 1 million kids use.

Chris Milk, the co-founder and CEO of Within, listed Wonderscope as one of the business’s ‘proudest successes.’

“We’re thrilled that Amira Learning is channeling Wonderscope’s potential by folding it into its own mission of facilitating learning in children through innovative technology,” he said.  

Wonderscope’s augmented reality stories, according to Amira Learning CEO Mark Angel, ‘fit perfectly into Amira Learning’s cutting-edge AI tutoring,’ which already has a collection of interactive reading apps. The Wonderscope app and all six stories are presently available for free on iOS 11-compatible devices, including the iPad Pro, iPhone 6S, and 2017-model iPads.

Wonderscope is a free app that offers a combination of free and paid augmented reality stories.

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