Belgard to Showcase Its Augmented Reality Innovations at Hardscape North America

Belgard to Showcase Its Augmented Reality Innovations at Hardscape North America

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Belgard, the industry pioneer in outdoor living essentials, is set to present its new Augmented Reality powered product developments and solutions at Hardscape North America, which will be held in Louisville, Kentucky, from October 19 – 21, 2022.

The augmented reality features of Belgard Rooms will be a key highlight at the event. The new functionality offers pre-made outdoor design plans that can be virtually dropped into a space for a real-time, realistic render, making them available to contractors and users. Additionally, Belgard reveals its ongoing commitment to modularity, which aims to simplify and improve the effectiveness of outdoor living design for contractors.

“Anyone can pick up a mobile device and scan a QR code to pull up a realistic representation of how the design will look in their own space and even walk through it,” said Joe Raboine, Director of Residential Hardscapes, Belgard.

Belgard’s ongoing mission to provide solutions that foster simplicity and efficiency for contractors is supported by technology, helping contractors sell more and improving communication with their clients.

The modular approach taken by Belgard helps the company emphasize product efficiency. Contractors will be able to experiment more with shape, size, and texture within the design while also making installation easier thanks to the company’s new modular pavers and systems, which work off-nominal dimensions.

After hearing a favorable response from the industry, Belgard has only intensified its attention on the modular design it previewed as the next version of hardscape product design last year.

The demonstration will feature three distinct rooms in the booth: an outdoor kitchen, a living room with a fire pit, and a patio with a pergola and plunge pool. To view a complete augmented reality design of the specific location, attendees can scan QR codes in each Belgard Room. Also, contractors may get a breakdown of the new products showcased in each room and information on how to create these projects.

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