Taqtile Launches ‘Manifest Maker,’ a Platform for AR Work Instruction Creation

Taqtile Launches ‘Manifest Maker,’ a Platform for AR Work Instruction Creation

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Taqtile, the leading provider of augmented reality (AR)-based work instruction solutions for deskless employees, announced the release of its brand-new “Manifest Maker” app.

By enabling the creation of digital, step-by-step procedures to direct deskless workers, Manifest Maker enables companies to create digital work instructions. It aims to assist enterprises in overcoming the challenge of implementing and deriving value from AR-enabled work-instruction platforms.

Taqtile claims that businesses can quickly point-and-shoot procedures, whether for replacing damaged components in industrial equipment or performing inspections on a fleet of vehicles. Manifest Maker shortens the AR work instruction creation process and reduces learning curves by allowing workers to capture video footage of an expert performing a procedure and convert it into a digital system.

With the tools in Manifest Maker, users can design work instructions that they can expand with video, video stills, and other images, auto-transcribed text, dictated guidance, and manual scanning. According to the company, the outcome is a step-by-step digital procedure that can be produced in a matter of minutes and used by deskless workers.

“The elegant simplicity of Manifest Maker will enable users in any industry to simply and quickly create work instructions that can be augmented and shared by deskless workers across the enterprise with an AR-enabled platform like Manifest,” said John Tomizuka, Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at Taqtile.

Work instructions successfully created with Manifest Maker are also entirely compatible with its AR-enabled Manifest platform. They can be further improved with augmented reality and spatially anchored content and made accessible to deskless workers anywhere, anytime.

Deskless workers can use Manifest Maker’s step-by-step work instructions, digital manuals and guidance, animated 3D models and digital twins, in-depth holograms, and other invaluable company-centric knowledge with the help of the Manifest platform, increasing maintenance and operational efficiencies and enhancing safety.

Additionally, work instructions are delivered directly to the location of the equipment via an iPad or head-mounted display, speeding up training and improving the execution of crucial processes. Real-time remote assistance with knowledge experts from a company’s operations center or equipment OEMs is offered when situations develop that require further in-depth instruction.

Taqtile’s Manifest Maker platform is now available on the Apple App Store for free.

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