Twinkl Introduces AR-powered Interactive Learning Materials for the British Science Week
AR-powered Interactive Learning Materials

Twinkl Introduces AR-powered Interactive Learning Materials for the British Science Week

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The British online educational publishing house, Twinkl, has curated a set of AR-powered interactive learning materials for the British Science Week 2022.

The British Science Week is a week-long celebration of several achievements made in the scientific domains. Twink’s LeARn & Explore App will provide students with several unique augmented reality resources on the occasion.

This year, the theme for the British Science Week is ‘growth,’ which encompasses a range of subjects, ranging from ecology, construction, and animals, to the growth of flora and fauna on Mars and the rest of the solar system.

Twinkl experts specializing in science have developed the resources to maintain a high content quality. The app will feature a variety of science resources for students from ages four to sixteen around the theme. Moreover, educators could also interact with the students through display packs, quizzes, e-books, and more.

Gemma Barker, Primary Science Product Owner at Twinkl, said, “Science helps to develop a lifelong curiosity in all young people as they develop an interest in the sciences and the world around them. British Science Week allows educators to go outside the areas they usually teach around science to give children the chance to do something different as they venture more deeply into the exciting world of science and the range of opportunities it has to offer.”

The new resources take the pupils to several habitats worldwide and beyond using augmented reality. For instance, children could virtually visit coral reefs to interact with aquatic life or learn more about food chains through woodland habitats.

The LeARn & Explore App was first introduced in 2020 to enhance classroom experiences. The app offers an immersive learning experience to help children understand new concepts more interactively. It amalgamates computer-generated graphics with real-life environments to bring several such concepts to life.

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