NNTC and Saibertech are Collaborating to Provide a Range of Tech Solutions for Ports
NNTC and Saiber Innovation Technologies Patnership

NNTC and Saibertech are Collaborating to Provide a Range of Tech Solutions for Ports

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The IT solutions provider and software developer, NNTC, is collaborating with Saiber Innovation Technologies (Saibertech), a maritime, ports, and logistics consultancy, to provide its unique technological solutions for ports.

NNTC will offer its MOORiNET vessel mooring and berth monitoring system, along with its SmartTwin solution, and its Digital Worker IoT platform as a part of the partnership.

The MOORiNET solution allows to streamline berthing operations and enhances safety during port entrance for ships of any size, from small yachts to giant oil tankers. The system is built to support Harbour Masters or Marine Pilots for shore-based remote control of the mooring operations.

The system utilizes augmented reality to project operational data in front of operators using AR smart glasses running NNTC’s iFalcon Control software. This technology displays control details onto their field of view along with additional information on vessels and berths.

NNTC’s SmartTwin digital twin-based solution allows for real-time remote management and controls for terminals and their machinery. This technology can be used for process management at both container and non-container terminal operation systems as per the company.

Furthermore, the company’s Digital Worker solution aims to augment HSE compliance with a range of capabilities such as employee tracking, geo-fencing, and social distancing management.

Pradeep Luthria, Senior Partner, Principal Consultant at Saiber Innovation Technologies, said, “Saiber has assembled a truly unique combination of alliance partners, providing powerful, innovative solutions, be they for landside, waterside – ports, vessels & rigs. The formalized Saiber-NNTC alliance follows closely on the heels of the Salber-BSOL alliance and the Salber-CNB Logitech alliance, placing Saiber in a unique position to provide both total solutions or address specific requirements in a piecemeal fashion with remarkable scalability and economy.”

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