Displai by Immertia Uses AR to Power Video-enabled Product Packaging

Displai by Immertia Uses AR to Power Video-enabled Product Packaging

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The Australian startup Immertia has unveiled a brand-new platform called Displai that employs AR technology to bring product packaging to life. Displai turns standard product packaging into video-enabled interactive packaging by utilizing augmented reality and other smartphone technologies to create a hyper-realistic experience.

Smartphone users can activate an augmented reality experience by scanning product packaging via the Displai app, which overlays video content, animation, graphics, and clickable links as if they were all a part of the packaging.

According to the company, the process is similar to Facebook filters, which let users alter the look of their faces by adding an augmented reality mask.

The platform will allow brands to create connected, exciting experiences to get more people to notice, try, and buy their products. It will help to build engagement and a deeper connection, which is a foundation of great global brands.

While augmented reality has been around for a few years, the company claims it is still out of reach for most businesses.

“We believe that this is the first truly accessible solution for product packaging,” said Dave Chaffey, founding partner, Immertia. ”The platform makes it simple for brands to connect virtual experiences to their products.”

According to Chaffey, the platform can be configured and activated for millions of products, and it will even function with goods already on store shelves.

AR is a fantastic technology that is quickly becoming mainstream. It offers enormous business potential. However, there are currently obstacles in the way, and AR solutions are either prohibitively expensive, overly complicated, or too challenging.

Immertia makes usable, commercial AR accessible to companies. The company’s sector-leading platforms provide specialized, powerful, and manageably priced solutions for every industry.

Immertia is in an excellent position to establish itself as a major player in global packaging and related industries. The innovative approach makes technology more accessible to a broader market with straightforward and inexpensive solutions.

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