XR Land Metaverse Imversed to Introduce a Novel Mixed Reality Life Concept

XR Land Metaverse Imversed to Introduce a Novel Mixed Reality Life Concept

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The one-of-its-kind XR land metaverse, Imversed, aims to get ahead of the curve by using geo-attached lands and AR/VR tech to build a fully immersive Mixed Reality that combines the virtual and actual worlds. Imversed also revealed it would launch the XR land concept visual display preview in October.

The emergence of AR/VR headsets by major technology companies is a sign of impending change, much like the advent of smartphones. Market research companies forecast that the VR and AR market will expand by USD 162.71 billion, or a CAGR of 46%, during the next three years.

HTC was one of the first companies to use immersive technology. By introducing Viverse in March, HTC again demonstrated its strong ambition to incorporate AR and VR into daily life. Viverse produces seamless experiences accessible from any location and device by utilizing virtual and augmented reality, high-speed Internet, AI, and blockchain technology.

In July, Google announced they started limited public testing for their AR glasses prototypes. The prototypes have in-lens displays, microphones, and cameras, but currently, they are severely constrained in what they can do to preserve users’ privacy.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, Apple has applied for three new trademarks, “Reality One,” “Reality Pro,” and “Reality Processor.” According to rumors, Apple’s headset will be powered by its M1 chips and have as many as 12 cameras to monitor hand and eye movements.

Numerous industries, including gaming, business, healthcare, and even the military, are adopting AR/VR technologies. Now that leading technology companies are preparing to enter the space, the market potential will change and grow.

This exciting pattern can also be seen in metaverse projects. New metaverse projects increasingly concentrate on AR and VR technology that combines real-world applications to create a novel and immersive experience consumers seek.

That is precisely what Imversed is, the first XR-Land metaverse, using geo-attached lands and AR/VR technology to create a fully immersive world.

In addition, all user-generated content posted on a property is accessible to anyone wearing an AR/VR headset. It will give businesses and creators virtually limitless possibilities. The ability to transition smoothly between the physical and digital worlds is what users may expect from this unique experience. They can explore a virtual New York City and interact with their favorite celebrities, avatars, or video game characters.

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