Dopple XR Unveils a Novel 3D Visualization and AR Platform for Online Retailers

Dopple XR Unveils a Novel 3D Visualization and AR Platform for Online Retailers

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Aiming to address the innovative needs of new-age marketers, Dopple XR has unveiled the Dopple platform that enables online retailers to bring their products to life online through immersive 3D and AR experiences. Dopple uses vivid 3D configurators, product visualizers, and augmented reality to produce unforgettable shopping experiences for your brand.

Dopple’s innovative web-based platform was created to deliver best-in-class 3D configuration and augmented reality (AR) experiences for top e-commerce brands. It combines photorealistic models with incredibly user-friendly programming to create immersive consumer experiences without the heavy lifting required of developers in more conventional 3D and AR applications.

Dopple offers the chance to combine the best of a custom-built 3D experience with the simplicity and adaptability of an out-of-the-box solution that seamlessly integrates into an existing digital or web platform for brands looking to include 3D configuration, product visualization, or augmented reality within their customer experience.

“The evolution of the web and how it is used to purchase in our daily lives represent incredible opportunities in countless verticals. Dopple is helping clients leverage the power and innovation behind 3D and augmented reality for immersive and compelling digital experiences that drive results,” said Justin Scott, CEO of Dopple.

As eCommerce expands across channels, platforms and brands look for new strategies to attract and engage customers. Excellent product touch points are no longer a differentiator among consumers who can and will choose the brands that deliver against expectations, as 80% of consumers now view the experience as a critical factor in their purchase decision.

In today’s market, consumers are in charge and will favor brands that offer value throughout the buying process. Dopple allows businesses to develop unique, immersive 3D and AR experiences that give customers the power to make informed, personalized purchasing decisions.

Dopple’s clients are market leaders in several crucial retail segments, including furniture, sporting goods, building supplies, clothing, and accessories.

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