Nike China Launches an AR Experience to Connect with Its Young Customers
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Nike China Launches an AR Experience to Connect with Its Young Customers

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The Chinese arm of the leading global footwear brand, Nike, has launched an immersive digital and AR experience called Trove, aiming to establish a connection with its young customers across the country.

The digital experience seeks to serve as an ever-expanding array of Nike’s collaborations with artists, or as the company refers to them, “Global Catalysts.” It debuts with collaborations with GDragon, a well-known figure in Asian pop culture, and Matthew M. Williams, the creative director of high-end clothing brand Maison Givenchy.

The inaugural project from the Nike creative agency BBH China, Trove, intends to establish a platform for showcasing Nike’s partnerships with cultural trailblazers around sports, sustainability, health, music, and other topics.

The Trove experience, which fuses augmented reality with 360-degree interactive movies, is accessible online and in-person, including at Shanghai’s flagship Nike Lab location. The campaign attempts to empower young people to deepen relationships between the brand and its target market. It will conclude with a special offline event highlighting Nike’s partners.

It arrives at a time when nationalistic consumers invest more in domestic brands like Anta and Li Ning, making it difficult for foreign companies like Nike and rival Adidas to compete in China. The domestic brands have seen significant growth in recent years, and it is anticipated that Anta will surpass Adidas and only marginally lag behind Nike.

The campaign was developed during Shanghai’s lockdowns, intending to push creative boundaries and eliminate the limitations for amalgamating the physical and virtual worlds, according to Kelly Pon, the Chief Creative Officer at BBH China.

“We live in times of creativity where, more than ever before, there is the need to harness the power of positivity, purpose, and technology to uplift and reconnect. And that’s what we hope to achieve with this campaign,” said Kelly.

The Nike Global Catalyst Brand Management team worked with Unit9 and BBH China to develop the campaign.

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