Rypplzz Secures $3M Grant To Develop Geo-Spatial Technology

Rypplzz Secures $3M Grant To Develop Geo-Spatial Technology

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Rypplzz is a Los Angeles-based developer of Interlife. Interlife is a multifaceted geospatial platform that recently raised $3M in Pre-seed funding. Based on its goals, the company intends to invest the funds into the enhancement of its technology.

Led by Josh Pendrick, Founder and CEO, Rypplzz provides geospatial simulation technology that links the virtual and real world. The firm develops “intelligent air” that transforms airspaces into engagement opportunities that can be monetized.

It achieves this by creating the frameworks required to program digital files, and send their airspace coordinates with an accuracy within 6 inches of the location. This enhances the accuracy level by several margins over GPS-based technologies, which function with a precision of about 10-20 feet of the object. Additionally, the platform has gained a lot of traction in industries like sports, entertainment, security, AR/VR, and retail.

Besides this geo airspace development, the company also revealed its collaboration with the 27-acre Tucson Convention Center, a U.S. sports league, Cisco Sports, Media Group, and Skypath Security, to achieve its goal.

Rypplzz’s new technology will advance fan experiences in AR. It will also enhance precise traffic analytics, geotargeting, and a myriad of crowd management capabilities. Furthermore, Rypplzz is also delving into security-related applications for large warehouses, event locations, and construction sites. It goes further to amplify precise geo-location and enhance connectivity to improve security and asset management in workspaces. This is important to drive the efficiency and security of the staff.

Josh Pendrick, Founder and CEO of Rypplzz gives a comprehensive explanation of its technology saying;

Most people are familiar with the idea that GPS precision or accuracy is limited in the sense that it can usually get about 10-20 feet accuracy at best. Our team discovered a way and created an algorithm to use radio frequency to track devices down to six-inch accuracy, and that includes the altitude off the ground. Tracking devices down to a six-inch cube of airspace. What our platform and product allow the ability to do is to program digital files to these precise three-dimensional coordinates of airspace and those digital files can interact with phones or other types of connected devices that trigger either fun experiences or can be used for wayfinding, and security use. As you can imagine, the implications for this ability to track devices down to six-inch accuracy have powerful applications for practically every industry. To fully unlock those abilities for the world and society, when we started Rypplzz we created this spatial operating system that would allow different verticals to take advantage of this capability. A lot of what we are doing is in the sports/entertainment venue arena. At its core, our Spatial OS allows you to program the air. That connects teams, players and stadiums while enhancing their experience, with examples as you can now do very precise wayfinding and navigation. Think about trying to find your seat or navigating around the venue, being able to get data and analytics around who’s spending time where and how long they spend there, which concession lines are the shortest path, and things like that from a wayfinding perspective. Also, when it comes to augmented reality, this capability disrupts the entire industry because the entire industry of augmented reality currently works using camera vision and GPS. We’re introducing this new x-factor that allows you to program these AR objects to exact coordinates of the real world. That opens a new level of experience for what is possible.”

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